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Today: October 16, 2018
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What is Timeshare or Vacation Ownership?

Vacation ownership (also known as timeshare) is an investment in lifestyle. It is the proven way of inflation-proofing a lifetime of fabulous vacations for you and your family.

Instead of renting an apartment or villa, or spending more and more money each year on a hotel, you actually own your vacations. You make a one-time purchase of the number of weeks that you want to use annually. So you get the benefits of owning your own luxury vacation home at your chosen resort, without the restrictions, and at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, vacation ownership delivers you an astonishing selection of destinations around the world. It’s a bit like owning a vacation home with wings!

Arabian Falcon Holidays worldwide exchange partner - Interval International - enables you to trade your weeks with confidence. You can be sure that you’ll always enjoy the same high standard of accommodation - at a different time of the year, another location, or both.

With more than 2000 resorts in over 75 countries to choose from, the hardest part of your vacation is deciding where to visit. And when it comes to worrying about cleaning, utility bills and security, forget it! It’s all looked after for you. You simply pay an annual contribution to the total overhead because it’s shared - just like the ownership. After all, if you only vacation for a few weeks a year, why pay for year-round maintenance? Legally - and more importantly - you own your vacation time, which means you can use it, exchange it, rent it, sell it, lend it to friends and include it in your will.

Vacation ownership allows you to relax, assured in the knowledge that you have paid for the greater part of your future vacations at today’s prices.


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